A Split Second – Laura Enright

  • I was sleeping in my dream
    maybe that’s how I knew it was a dream
    I rolled over and inhaled the smell of aftershave
    on pillows and realized I was in your room
    in the morning when we woke
    your retriever bounded in the door
    of the granny-flat, throws her weight on top of me.
    my two favourite girls you say,
    then you shower, mouthwash, shave,
    make breakfast in your house near the sea
    with nobody except your dog, an imaginary you,
    and a little part of me.
    When I wake I think I’m still there
    but I’m not where I thought I was
    my bedroom is cold and cramped in a city apartment,
    a car alarm outside wakes me with a start
    my neck is stiff from the singleness of this bed.
    I sit up and can see myself in the reflection
    of my mirror in the dark. Just me.
    I roll over and ignore, just before I fall back asleep,
    I wonder to myself if everyone has
    that same split second of splendid
    between waking and dreams
    where everything is the way it used to be,
    before reality come crashing in like a tidal wave.
    I dread falling back asleep.

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