Acquainted Over Half My Life – Ruth Elwood

Rarely spoke just acknowledged

Knowing you for scoring on and off the pitch

Knowing me as the littler sister, opinionated bitch

Nicknaming me princess with that smooth charm

Slagging you off about the latest candy on arm

Frequent visitor to the house for the brother

Adored, a firm favourite of mother

Then last Saturday night

At the twenty first

You noticed me

In a complete new light

Swanning around with jagers to quench thirst

Still unknown is it all to blame on being pissed

But somehow your confidence engulfed me

And we kissed

Woke up paranoia setting in

You, a peacock flaunting cheeky grin

Me sighing emanating guilt

Overanalysing the shitty situation I just built

We knew I would be handed all the blame

After all the player always wins the game.

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