Christmas- Daniel Galvin

She agrees to go for one

(keep her auld fella company)

but between the argument and the spills

and the final pint

we end up being the last to leave


we coax him from the bar

and the three of us get a taxi

some words falling across the car

with each swooping bend of the road


in the kitchen she makes coffee

while he curls up with the dog

and I sway on my chair

happily wondering where evenings go


when she offers him the mug

he gets up for bed

form blurring in the lamplight as he totters-

I call the dog once he’s gone


she leaves a cup in front of me

and follows him out

so I put bushmills in a glass while the dog watches

smiling at the golden splash


then I lean back on my chair

and spin the glass with my hand

pretending the house and the dog are mine


until I spin the glass too hard and there’s glass and whiskey all over the tiles

and it’s time for bed


I step on the dog on the way and it yelps

scattering the pieces

but it’s not my dog and it’s not my kitchen



in bed she’s facing the wall

I land a kiss near her ear

wetting her hair a bit with my lips


she stiffens, I doze off

but later she turns and tucks her head under my chin

wetting my chest a bit with her cheeks

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