I kept looking at the horizon- Lauren Suchenski

I kept looking at the horizon,

the way the wind

met the courage

of the bones

of the earth


I kept looking for the highway

the height of something

to transport me

faster than my


would will


I looked across the broken white lines,

I looked across the speeding flash –


You know,

that quantum physics will tell you

the photon

will travel different paths

if it is seen

or unseen


I see this now – the highway river;

the byway sewed together – sequenced yellow and

grids of clouds – I see

the observer observing me/

So I take both paths – the highway going high

and the low-way going tunnelvision;

somewhere beyond what can be measured –

the path which is both paths at once

(until the other collapses –

crumbling infrastructure, you know?)

That’s what quantum physics says,

you know?

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