Sea of Fools- Conor Smyth

We are on the ocean
Ship is sailing so far Starboard
It is in danger of capsizing
Captured and tossed by waves

Absent captain
Plankton brained and carried
By a tide of salt
Trying to treat the wounds

Before we sink sodden
Drowned by false rhetoric
How about a mutiny?
And make them walk the plank?

Tie their hands with fishing wire
and make them bait
Chum, useless dead crap
To make shit bite

This crew are exhausted
of tales of a flat earth,

Of one language and marriage

and the sea being tranquil

There is a tidal wave coming
A big gay fuck you
Landing at our shores
Giving water to the old sand

We shall survey the wrecks
Of old iron vessels
Lying extinct in rusted shame
While swimming in a sharkless sea

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