Sunday In Berlin – Laura Enright

The corner shop near the railway station
opens now unlike when we came here first
when everything would shut on Sunday
the flea market in Mauerpark
is over-ridden with people selling kitsch
but we always go and we love it
everyone is so cool here that I think being cool
isn’t hip anymore,
the street is a sea of hipsters in black
it’s early Spring and there is still
no ferries on the Spree
but if you walk down the right street
you’ll catch a couple of musicians
maybe a juggling act
that blend in with graffiti and art
in the evening we’ll go to the TV Tower
like tourists
pretend we can afford dinner in the revolving restaurant
two hundred and three metres high
and look over the cars on the road to Berlin-Mitte
that look like graceful glowing bugs below
we’ll have a cocktail with dinner in Caramba
in the square (just one)
and listen to light German jazz
with no need to worry
if the transport still runs at night

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